Radiance Teacher Job Description

The teacher provides a safe and caring environment in which students may thrive. As a role model and educator, the teacher is responsible for the well being of the students while providing an engaging learning experience.



  • Must hold and maintain CPR and First Aid certification

  • Must have experience with working with young children



  • Communication (verbal and written)

  • Flexibility and Creativity

  • Management and Supervision

  • Team Building



  • Remain on the premises during designated hours

  • Supervise and ensure safety of children at all times

  • Teach, review and aid children with mini- lessons

  • Prepare and set up snack and educational activities

  • Read books and lead group time

  • Attend to children’s basic needs: toileting, dressing and eating 

  • Nurture positive relationships with children and ensure emotional well-being and self-respect

  • Maintain cleanliness of the space: classroom, kitchen, outside play area, bathroom

  • Monitor and prepare reports on children’s progress 

  • Maintain routines and expectations to prevent accidents and misbehaviors 

  • Supervise free play: inside and outside

  • Be familiar with Radiance’s Handbook and the state regulations