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Tutoring Job Description

An MLC tutor provides engaging and stimulating sessions to motivate his/her students throughout the learning experience. As an educator, the tutor is responsible for creating necessary or extra activities and planning accordingly for sessions. 


Skills: Communication (verbal and written) | Flexibility and Creativity | Organization and Time Management | Common Core State Standards | Basic Technology | Google Meet and Zoom


  • Communicate effectively with related parties, including manager and parent

  • Exhibit reliability and flexibility when planning for sessions

  • Demonstrate professionalism 

  • Maintain a routine with each student 

  • Be familiar with My Literacy Center's mission and goals 

Session Expectations

  • Be prepared with the necessary materials and resources

  • Make time for introductions 

  • Avoid lecturing; ask questions and provide visuals 

  • Provide positive reinforcement

  • Normalize shortcomings and perseverance 

  • Check on the student’s well-being and attentiveness throughout the meeting 

  • Take breaks or switch up teaching method when needed

  • Allow time to summarize the task and discuss goals

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