Radiance Remotely

A Home-School Experience

As an alternative to joining us in the classroom, Radiance offers a remote option for families who would prefer to keep students at home. Students logging into Radiance Remotely will follow the same curriculum as those in the classroom. 

Mission and Vision


Mission: Radiance is a home-care adventure designed for 3, 4 and 5 year old children with the mission to provide a foundation for Islamic Studies and primary education through engaging, individualized instruction. 


Vision: We envision an education system designed to reach children where they are and guide them along their learning path.

Application Process


1. Before Applying, read through the handbook and ensure that your child meets the following requirements:

  • Be 3 years old by October 31, 2020

  • Show minimal command of the English Language

2. Complete Application online

  • Submit Fee $50 (non-refundable)

  • Check box for video/picture permisssions

3. Join a 30-minute interview

  • Your child, you, and the lead teacher will have a conversation

  • Your child may bring 1 toy or special item to share at this meeting

4. Receive Letter of Acceptance or Reconsideration

5. Submit first payment by August 15

6. Enter Radiance!

  • Create an account to keep up with your child’s progress, specialized content and resources 

  • Upload a picture of your child


Home Kits: After an assessment is conducted, each student will be provided with a customized bag filled with the supplies they need to complete assignments at home. Parents are expected to retrieve the kits from the school biweekly on Fridays between 11am and 1pm. 

Weekly Check-ins: Parents will be asked for a schedule that works best for them and their child to meet with the teacher through Zoom video calls 2-3 times a week. Meetings will last up to 30 minutes where the student and teacher will enagage in new lessons, practice old lessons and demonstrate mastered skills.  

Routine: The students in the classroom will follow a schedule similar to the one below. We suggest you create a schedule which works for you at home. Families may request help with developing a routine and organizing the home workspace. 

Lessons and Work           8:00-9:15am   

Group /Snack                   9:15-9:45am

Lessons and Work           9:45-12:00pm        (include outside play)

Supplies: Having the following supplies at home would be helpful. These supplies do not always have to be readily accessible in your child's workspace, though will be used in activities throughout the school year. 

  • Crayons

  • Glue sticks

  • Facial tissue

  • Scotch tape

  • Note cards (white or color)

  • Construction paper

  • Color pencils

  • Baby wipes

  • Scissors (Fiskars preferred)

  • Oil pastels

  • Paper towels


Tuition: We offer 4 different packages for families to choose which best suits their needs, or call us to customize your own. The first payment is due August 15, 2020. 

We offer discounts for families enrolling multiple students into our Remotely program. For multiple children in a family, take 15% of total tuition.  For example, you would pay $400 for 1 child, though if you have 2 children, monthly tuition would be $680. With 3 children, you would be charged $1,020.