What Makes My Literacy Center Special!

At My Literacy Center, our main focus is the students and their satisfaction and motivation throughout the learning experience. While getting through the material and progressing through grades is a must; confidence and true understanding of basic and complex concepts is just as important, if not more. 


My Literacy Center provides an outlet for various areas-from Elementary Math to Test Prep to Essay Edits. Programs are catered to the student and are guaranteed to lead to proficiency in the area of choice. The success of the student is our success! 

Our Mission 

Our mission is for students to gain confidence and independence to complete the given task, activity, subject or grade by taking ownership of their learning through individualized interaction and guidance. 

Our Vision

We envision our students reaching their academic goals within 6 months. To ensure our students graduate from our program, we will:

- provide each student with an individualized plan

- communicate progress with specified parties

- follow the Grasp, Apply, Perfect process

Our Process

Once the student and tutor meet and the individualized plan has been created, it's time to bridge the G.A.P. between what they know and what they will learn. Students will step through grasping, applying and perfecting concepts through engaging and tailored lessons.

The Path to Completion highlights this process:

MLC Timeline textless.tif

The Path to Completion

Individualized Plan
Grasp the
Apply the
Perfect the
Communicate Progress & 
Repeat for Multiple Concepts