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At My Literacy Center, our main focus is our students and their satisfaction and motivation throughout the learning experience. 
My Story

As a young child, I thought myself less intelligent than my peers. I remained behind and received low scores, though was pushed forward to the next grade. Confused and distressed, my parents decided that homeschooling would allow me the time and comfort to learn what was needed at my own pace. Therefore, when I became an elementary teacher, I focused on my students’ comfort and morale. With the intention to benefit more students than those in my classroom, I established My Literacy Center in the summer of 2015 as a tutoring center. Today, My Literacy Center arranges tutoring services at a comparable rate, contracts college students as part-time tutors, provides a home-care educational experience for Preschool students, and offers resources for parents and educators to support child development and learning styles.

We emphasize the importance of social-emotional development in our everyday activities. Progress reports are differentiated, and expectations are grounded on individualized understanding. We encourage teamwork and parent involvement. Our work environment is a home-like setting filled with tangible materials and options of floor, table, or standing positions. We incorporate student interests in activities and provide real-life connections in lessons.

Our mission is for students to gain confidence and independence to complete the given task, activity, subject or grade by taking ownership of their learning through individualized interaction and guidance.
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